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New prospect of stereoscopic garage industry development in 2017

Core tip: in this land as the city, parking is a common phenomenon in the country now first-tier cities second tier city, with the emergence of private cars as well as the development of science and technology, three-dimensional garage industry appeared, garage elegant figure also appears in the city, has become a city road landscape.

The stereo garage industry trends features: new stereo garage is the number of enterprises growth exponentially, manufacturers need to gain a foothold
2016 is an extraordinary year for the development of three-dimensional garage industry, under the new normal economy, many enterprises transformation "reach" three-dimensional garage industry. According to the Wuhan three-dimensional garage industry association data statistics, as of the end of 2016, China has made three-dimensional garage manufacturing vanity total of more than 500 enterprises, in 2016 new evidence collection of more than 100 enterprises. As early as in 2008, the number of enterprises in the industry was only more than 300. Obviously the stereo garage industry is already saturated, "go". So we need three-dimensional garage manufacturers in this state of three-dimensional garage strong grasp of product quality and customer service, to develop from the two aspects, a firm foothold in the garage industry survival of the fittest in natural selection survival of the fittest, you stick with it, you are the winner.
Three dimensional garage industry trends, development features two: solid garage city wide distribution
According to incomplete statistics, the garage industry now not only in the north of the country first-tier cities the second city of Guangzhou Shenzhen, also in the city where there are parking garage manufacturers, have ranked in the garage industry development, visible three-dimensional garage industry in the future development potential is large, and in such a situation, opportunities and the difficulty is to coexist, is a huge opportunity for the sales offices and sales channels and improve the manufacturers, because in these market segments can be tremendous business opportunities, but for the garage manufacturers need to have enough strength to gain a foothold in the city.
The new trend of the development of three-dimensional garage industry features three: low dimensional garage manufacturers flooded the market
And want to invest in the construction of three-dimensional garage, presumably most concerned about is the price of the stereo garage, in recent years the rise in the garage manufacturers on the market, is still a great disparity in price, low-cost stereo garage constantly flooded the market, caused a lot of confusion to the garage again consumers, Xiaobian want to say is the garage price is on the one hand, in the choice of stereo garage manufacturers should also pay more attention to the manufacturer's qualification and strength of customer service service and other aspects to consider, choose only the most important manufacturers.